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Our clients come from over 200 different industries. Most of our clients are Amazon sellers, web developers, restaurants, nonprofits, online sales and marketing businesses, small to medium sized brick and mortar businesses. From one person working from home,  to larger insurance offices, restaurants, auto repair shops,  local manufacturers, and small retail chains, to everything in between. We will handle your books and ensure they are audit-proof and ready for your tax return preparation.

We offer professional US bookkeeping service services to small and medium-sized businesses worldwide. No matter where you are located in the world,  If you are a foreign person who engages in a trade or business in the US, you most likely need a tax preparer and this is where we come in. We handle your day-to-day bookkeeping for your business, making sure that you are in compliance with state and local tax filing requirements.. Our clients are located both in the US and internationally, spreading four continents — and the one thing common amongst all is that they run business operations in the US.

We have three plans that are guaranteed to fit your business, regardless of how big it is. In the case that none of the plans is applicable for you, we’ll work out a custom plan that will fit your budget without breaking the bank. See our plans here.

The majority of our clients do some kind of online business, with a majority of them being Amazon sellers. We are experts in bookkeeping for Amazon sellers.

You can be as much or as little involved in the bookkeeping process. When we start working together we quickly adjust to how you like things done. We guarantee you will love working with us!

We use variety of software packages to do your books. If you have a preference for a certain software or app, we can use that. If not, we can recommend what’s best to you based on your company profile.

Yes it is! All our online communication involving data-sharing is done using 256-bit SSL/TLS encryption to gather your transmit sensitive data to you and back securely. That’s the same level of encryption you’ll find with online banking and online shopping.

We are a 100% cloud-based bookkeeping company, which means that we work with you remotely. We are very responsive to every request, we talk with you on the phone, via email, screen share video conferencing, and in person, as often as possible or needed. Unlike many others, we use email as means of communication, not as a wall we hide behind.

Yes and no. It really depends on the nature of your business and your industry. Our experts are certified CPAs and they can do your taxes too but sometimes we might recommend and connect you to a tax expert we trust. Regardless of who does your taxes though, we are here to make that process easier for you and your taxman.

Absolutely! You can join even if you have months of overdue bookkeeping — our team can get you caught up in no time. We’re able to complete a year’s worth of bookkeeping in about 3-4 weeks.

We’re based in North America. We don’t outsource your bookkeeping to 3rd parties, it is all done in-house. Our clients, however, come from over 40 countries.

The cost of your subscription (plan) is based on your business’s average monthly expenses and the steps we need to take to ensure that your books are accurate. We periodically review your account to make sure that your plan is the right fit for your business’s needs. Over time, your business’s bookkeeping requirements may change. See our plans here.

Absolutely. We never lock you in to our service, and we make sure it’s easy to get your data from us if you ever want to go to another bookkeeper. Chances are tho, you wouldn’t want to leave us!

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